Court orders a Kenyan Diaspora resident to pay for family’s upkeep

The High Court in Mombasa has ordered a man who lives in Iraq to pay Sh479,490 for the upkeep of his wife and three schoolgoing children.

Justice Maureen Odero gave the orders after the wife successfully applied for it complaining that her husband Robert Nyaga Njeru had disobeyed

an earlier lower court order, which directed him to pay his children’s school fees and upkeep of his family.

The judge noted that despite Nyaga having been served with the order when a magistrate directed that he pays the amount in question, he

had not responded. Justice Odero has now ordered Nyaga to be served through UPS Courier Service after he failed to respond to the earlier service through his advocate.

Margaret Muthoni Njeru, who is a teacher in Mombasa, had sued her husband for failing to fund the upkeep of his children who are in institutions of higher learning.

“I have seen the order made by Hon R Makungu dated December 14. This order binds Nyaga and in view of the fact that the welfare of his children is at stake no default will be entertained,”

said Ms Odero. She ordered that Nyaga pays the lump sum to the wife with immediate effect.

Standard Kenya



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