Kenyan Community Raises $20,000 for Bereaved Families in Lowel MA

samuelkimohuThank you -all,
Dear Brothers and sisters,
Greetings in JesusName, Iwant to sincerely express my gratitude and thanks to all of you for your extremely generous donations to the families of the late Samson Wainaina and the late Reuben Kanithi all members of St. Stephen church in Lowell. May you all know that your donations and gifts were greatly appreciated and I cannot thank you enough. Losing two members of our church in two months and raising the money that is needed to repatriate their bodies to Kenya is not easy. Be assured that your donations came when we as a church really needed it most. Iwant to thank all the pastors who helped in networking and consoling these families particularly Iwant to thank Rev.Wachira, Bp. Karaya and Rev.Githere who helped the family of our brother Tom to get the balance that was needed when Iwas away. To all the pastors who visited Mr. Kimungu s family Isay thank you very much. with your prayers and donations we were able to raise over $20,000.00 last Sunday. The message is clear, when we all work together as a community we win together. we must all overcome all the obstacles along the way for us to be united asa community. Coming together as a community isthe beginning, keeping this community together is our progress and our working together is our success. Our happiness and joy as a community will depend on the quality of our thoughts towards this great community. This is the year of breaking bad habits of people withdrawing from the community whenever something goes wrong. Pastfailures of our community are the guideposts to our community sfuture success. Kenyan make friends before you need them.

God bless you all.
Ven. Samuel N. Kimohu–
Tel: (978) 458-1868 • Cell: (978) 996-0434 E-mail:

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