Kenyan agencies push for single identification number for persons in 3 Years

NSSF-LOGO2State agencies are pushing for the adoption of one identification number that will be used on all documents ranging from birth certificates, ID cards, passport, national social security number, national hospital insurance fund number and driving licence.

NSSF boss Tom Odongo has said that all government agencies are working towards synchronising data on all citizens and assigning each individual an identification number that will be on all documents before the end of three years.

“We are soon going to have a system where you will appear before a screen and all your details will be displayed if you go to any of the government agencies,” said Mr Odongo.

He said that a Kenyans has at least 11 different identification numbers that are all unique and different that sometimes makes it difficult to trace a person for compliance matters.

He said that information is also being sourced from telecommunication firms to help in the collation of the details of all Kenyans.

“We are even working with telecom firms which have most of these details to have one database for all people in Kenya,” said Mr Odongo.

This ideally means that the number assigned on ones birth certificate will be a lifetime identification number once the logistics and modalities are put in place by all the relevant government agencies.

The developments are informed by the need to trace tax compliance and other national obligations like paying NHIF and NSSF contributions.

Last year, the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) said it was all engaging all other government departments to have one database for all Kenyans to ensure tax compliance.

“This will help cross-match information with institutions and businesses, thus create a full profile of an individual’s transactions to enhance tax payment,” KRA Commissioner General, John Njiraini said as he addressed a press briefing in March.

Such a system is in use in Latin America, and KRA has said that discussions are on-going with Brazil to help roll out the system.

“We are looking forward to working with the department of the registration of persons and other ministries to have all those above 21 years registered to help us track the filing of their tax returns,” Mr Njiraini added.




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