Kenya National Land Commission in drive to issue 300,000 titles

NLC chairman Mohamed Swazuri

NLC chairman Mohamed Swazuri

The National Land Commission (NLC) will in the next six months issue over 300,000 title deeds across the country.

NLC Chairman Mohammed Swazuri said they are identifying potential beneficiaries for the first phase of the title issuance programme. He said the idea is to have every Kenyan who deserves a title issued with one to trade with it and unlock their economic potential.

“We have a programme to roll out the issuance of 300,000 titles between now and June before embarking on the second phase,” he said.

Dr Swazuri was speaking in Nakuru when the commission started a two-day fact finding mission of land conflict prone areas in the county.

Among the areas the commission will visit include the controversial Chepkundi Settlement Scheme, Kapsita, Oljorai and Olenguruone.

The row at the Chepkundi Settlement Scheme in Kuresoi South has sucked in Nakuru Deputy Governor Joseph Ruto, who has been accused of inciting squatters in the controversial land.

Some of the squatters have filed a petition at the Nakuru  High Court against the Deputy Governor over alleged incitement.

Swazuri said the visit is aimed at finding out how the new land laws which have been recently passed can be used to ensure peaceful co-existence among Kenyans.

“Nakuru is a multi ethnic county and we want to ensure that whoever wants to settle here, lives in peace,” Swazuri added.

The commission said most of the areas with land problems are settlement schemes, which have been caused by beneficiaries selling their land. The land  boss  said  the new Land Act prohibits people from selling any land acquired through settlement.

“Any land  acquired  through settlement  can only change hands through  succession. We have a situation where  many people  get allotment  letters and later dispose it  defeating the  whole  purpose  of allocation,” he added.

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