Kenya Decides as West Intel Deploy Red-October to Sabotage

kenyaEvents that have followed the successful Monday election signal a trend intended to create a negative public policy on the election and IEBC credibility.

The Safaricom Virtual Private Network that runs onOracle and a 3-tier Cisco Network was supposed to be tamper proof when supporting IEBC servers.

Safaricom, which is owned by Vodafone, a British giant telecoms company data and VPN serverssupporting the IEBC VPN came under Intelligence Service scrutiny.

The IEBC Servers and the IEBC vote tallyingcomputer system disc-space completely malfunctioned and collapsed failing to respond in correct downtime.

In the same week, over 3500 British troops landed in Kenya and headed for the Laikipia training grounds where they undergo final training before deployment.

Laikipia is Kenya Defense Forces most heavily guarded and highly equipped airbase and military facility in Kenya since the Kenya Airforce has its main airpower stationed here.

The British High Commissioner to Kenya, Christian Turner through proxies particularly Maina Kiai began lobbying the inclusion of spoilt votes in final tally besides attempting to delay the presidential total tally announcement.

The National Security Service quickly intervened and stopped the IEBC from making more use of the Electronic vote tallying system.

Kenya’s National Security Service stopped this system for a number of factors including scenarios such as the Safaricom VPN being attacked using a virus to compromise the network capacity.

Strategic Intelligence Service reported that the Red-October virus was used to attack Government of Kenya computersystems by Western spy-agents to mine crucial data.

Was that a test attack in preparation for the main attack on IEBC?
Was the virus deployed through Safaricom VPN for IEBC?
Was the attacker operating from Safaricom Server/Data Center from abroad?

Foreign players particularly the West, to crash the IEBC computer system deployed this same strategy by deploying the virus through the VPN infrastructure by Safaricom from abroad.


The number of rejected votes when the IEBC was using the electronic tallying system was nearly 300,000 at the 5million total votes cast mark, a very significant number that makes a case in the total vote cast.

When IEBC took up the manual tallying system the total number of rejected votes was 39000 at the 4.6million total votes cast mark, this is a disturbing significant decline in the electronic figures compared to the manual figures.

Final tally of rejected votes compared to the electronic reports will quantify if the virus was indeed manipulating the rejected votes tally.

Deployment of viruses from secure computers to network servers was reported by Strategic Intelligence where Western spy agents deployed Red-October to mine vital data from government computersystems and data bases.

Viruses/computer bugs are used to mine and manipulate data from computer networks, servers, and computermemory facilities including data-centers, hence can mine crucial data including emails, conversations, and files.

The virus Red-October may have been deployed alongside another virus to slow down the IEBC servers with the intent of creating scenarios that may create public mistrust.

The objective of such spy involvement is to procure a bias of a public policy of anti-IEBC sentiments wherein, psychologically, the bottled up emotions, erupt after frustrations get to breaking point.

National Security Service moved in to effectively neutralizing this threat by outdoing Western spy agents by directing the immediate use of the manual tallying system, which has demystified the controversial election.

Kenya has also struggled to ensure peace prevails and unity remains at all time high, mocking the West attempts.

Kenya Acquires Deterrent Capability

Kenya is emerging as a secure developed country with effective security institutions particularly the intelligence and military both who have worked tirelessly to preempt neutralize threats on Kenya’s national Security.

Social order/civility has also become a principal in the Kenyan social life whereby, influencing social-discord is impossible hence the relatively calm and peaceful nation.

If this trend goes on, Kenya will eventually reach its bubble and burst to beat countries like South Africa social-economically.
This constant deterrent capability whereby no type of external and internal pressure to divide the multi-ethnic Kenyan society finally secures the Republic of Kenya to one of the most peaceful and rapidly developing economy in Africa, besides becoming a superpower in the region.-Intelligence Briefs



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