Kasarani’s Sportsview Hotel Unveils one of the largest Convention Centre in Nairobi

Sportsview Hotel Kasarani

Sportsview Hotel Kasarani

Sportsview hotel in Kasarani, Nairobi has launched one of the largest conferences in Nairobi known as the Jumbo Convention Centre. The Convention Centre is located within the premises of the hotel, 12km north of Nairobi along the Thika Super Highway. Speaking during the launch, Mr Gerald Njuguna the General Manager of Sportview Hotel said the idea came up five years ago.

“The conference mall in the new upcoming ultra modern hall will play a big role in the hotel and to many who lacked a meeting centre within the location,” he said. He added that the conference hall has been constructed using locally sourced materials with the input of Kenyan expertise and creativity.

The convention centre features six unique conference halls which can hold five to 200 delegates. It also has audiovisual equipment, flip-chart boards and video television sets. It targets the business traveler and is designed in three packages, the standard full day package, the jumbo full day package and the board room full day package.

The Jumbo convention centre has efficient space including simultaneous interpretation booths and sound proofed auditorium. Speaking during the launch, Peter Munyiri, CEO of Family Bank admitted that his bank was proud to be one of the sponsors of the hotel.

“Family bank has been part of this hotel and we are glad to see what was once put in thought has finally come to pass. It is one successful project and we are glad.” Sprotsview hotel was established in 1986 with professional organisations that seek to itinerate accommodation within a tranquil environment.

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