Jaguar’s Empire Explored

Jaguar Cars

Jaguar Cars

As we sneak into the posh Green Park Estate on Mombasa Road, a security guard stops us at the entry for routine inspection.

“We are going to Jaguar’s residence,” we excuse ourselves.

The guard looks at us even more curiously before lending a thin smile.

“Nyinyi lazima watu wa nguvu (You must be well to do people),” he jokes.

“Huyo jamaa (Jaguar) amefanya hii mahali famous sana (That guy has made this place become famous),” he attests in quick succession before waving us in.

We are on a mission to find the rumoured Sh20 million five-bedroom house that Jaguar bought last year (that is the right figure) And not just that, his newly imported state-of-the-art ride, a Jaguar that landed in town last week. It cost him Sh16.5 million.

We manoeuvre our way to the compound and there lies three posh cars at the parking. Jaguar is away with a fourth car running his daily routine at his Nairobi automobile workshop where he also controls his taxi business from. The new house is one of his latest investments. As priced as it sounds, it is not his most expensive property as he owns a chain of houses in and outside the Nairobi besides running a real  estate firm.

It was only the other day when his music breakthrough came, that after ten years of waiting. It is still within the same time that he has managed to grow his taxi business, which he started through borrowed cash. His is a success story of rising from ashes to riches.

How do you explain a young man born in dire poverty becoming one of the richest musicians in the continent and wielding so much power to the extend of becoming the president’s personal friend — I mean this is a guy who drives into State House and hangs up with the high and mighty as he would with his teenage friends.

Besides his consistent music success that came with the release of hits like Matapeli, Kigeugeu and his latest dime Kipepeo, Jaguar is said to have made good cash during the last General Election.

He was at the forefront during the Jubilee campaigns openly supporting President Uhuru, a right move that seems to have given him favour with the current government with which he is said to be making good investment deals.

But still, it was only the other day when he was having war with CMB Prezzo over who is richer than the other. Clearly, he won the fight.

Currently, after enjoying the Safaricom Live concerts windfall estimated at Sh6 million and a great year with his concerts going for Sh300,000 (for local gigs) and Sh1.2 (for international gigs), it is clear Jaguar’s music gains are growing to at a rate that no other music celebrity has experienced.

A joke was being made the other day that the only other young man who has as much cash as Jaguar is his friend Sonko, the Nairobi Senator.

And well, he has been giving back to the society through his many philanthropic activities.

He is currently supporting a group of ten slum women who have been diagnosed with HIV, besides funding and nurturing a number of upcoming musicians.




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