Jaguar: Nigerian artists are just out to exploit Kenyan musicians!

Kenyan musician, Jaguar (right) alongside Nigeria's Iyanya

Kenyan musician, Jaguar (right) alongside Nigeria’s Iyanya

If you think the little diss that Kenyan millionaire businessman and singer Jaguar fired at Nigerian musicians two weeks ago was just a slip of the tongue, then you are in for a big surprise.

The multiple-award winner and hit maker says he no longer wants anything to do with Nigeria, that he is done with them, and that, they can take that to the bank!

“After I found out that Nigerian musicians are simply out to use us, and the rest of African artistes, by taking advantage of our popularity, I decided to speak out. I owe no one an apology,” he said.

During an up-close-and-candid interview with Pulse this week, Jaguar narrated how Nigerian artiste Iyanya looked for him to do the remix to his One Centimetre single, but little did he know that Iyanya was out to use him.

“When Iyanya came here for the Coke Studio recording, he asked hip-hop guru Buddah Blaze to introduce me to him as he was interested in recording music with me. Before we met, he met Sauti Sol and they did the remix for Sura Yako and I was like, if he has done the Sura Yako remix, why would he want to do a song with me, again. He surely had an agenda,” Jaguar told Pulse.

“He insisted on us doing the remix and I decided to give him a chance and see where all this was going. But I knew that he did not mean me any good when he started giving some conditions for the shoot. He wanted Clarence Peters to shoot the video as opposed to my producer, Main Switch. I stood my ground and told him that it was either my producer or the project was not going to proceed,” he revealed.

According to Jaguar, Iyanya wanted to have the video recorded by Clarence Peters on claims that he was well connected with the top pay-TV music channels Trace TV and Channel O, that indeed, are now flooded with Nigerian music.

He insists that the move by Nigerian artistes to record collabos with artistes from across Africa is a selfish plan to have them overshadow everyone else and rule the industry.

“I wish people, especially East African artistes, would open their eyes and see what these guys are up to. They have locked us out of their industry as they can’t play any music that is not Nigerian in their country. They pretend that they don’t know we exist yet they are now using us to gain popularity across Africa. They are exploiting us,” a bitter Jaguar told Pulse.

“Now Iyanya has been all over Twitter talking about how his collabo with Sauti Sol is playing on Trace TV. Is Trace TV a Nigerian TV station? Is Channel O Nigerian? Who are they fooling?

“Besides, I am not just ranting. Ask yourself why they have shows here yet no Kenyan artiste can be hosted in Nigeria. I have never had a show in Nigeria and I am not interested. Someone tell them that they can shut me out. And for that, I have no apology,” he maintained.

“I went to Nigeria and found that they are experiencing more problems than we do here. That is why they are looking for green pastures by using other artistes from across Africa as their launching pad. I am worried about Kenyan and East African artistes. I am concerned about the unity here. I am concerned about our local fans. The sooner we discover what is happening and act, the better,” he concluded






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