I want my wife back , nothing less — Okello

wpid-weddingokello220814.jpegMy name is John Carlson Okello. Nine years ago, I got married to Nancy Kibabi, the current nominated Member of Bungoma County Assembly.

Back then, we had a good marriage and God blessed us with two sons. But now my marriage is falling apart because my wife is involved in politics. We used to live with my sister-in-law before we had a fight over her close association with Senator Moses Wetangula. I once overheard my wife and her sister talking about the senator. Nancy was telling her about a call she had just received from the senator.

She said: ‘Wetangula amenipigia akiniuliza kama niko na gari ama kesho atume gari inipick kesho tuende kwa mission kadhaa (Wetangula has called me asking if I have a car so that if I don’t he can send one to pick me for some trips tomorrow).”

That is the day I confirmed that she had been talking to Wetangula. He used to call her at night, sometimes even when we are in bed. The Bungoma Senator could send my wife to represent him at various functions and funerals. What followed were painful periods of endurance because there are days when she could be dropped to my house in Wetangula’s car at night.


Many times she was even picked up from our house by Wetangula’s brother.

Then, she gradually started showing me madharau (spite), which I didn’t take lightly, so I confronted her. I asked her whether her latest association with Wetangula was the cause of friction between us. To my shock, she said: “So, inferiority complex ndio inakusumbua? (Are you feeling inferior now?)”

A few weeks before she got nominated to the County Assembly, she threw my stuff out of the house. We quarrelled and I slapped her. We tried talking about the fight but she said she didn’t want to see me again. That time, I packed few of my clothes in a bag and left. I spent the night in Kandui, Bungoma at the house of a friend, who was my best man during our wedding.

Then on the very day of our wedding anniversary, she sent lawyers to my village with divorce papers.

Since I work in Nairobi, I was just told by friends that my wife moved to a bigger house in Bungoma town and when I called to ask her, she confirmed the same and told me that I should never come to that house.

This is a woman who I hustled to pay her college fee when she was KCCT (Kenya College of Communications Technology).

I just want my wife back, nothing else.



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