How to attain power without occupying State House

MEDIA: It is believed [that] you had an incompetent team managing your elections in 2013.

RAILA AMOLO ODINGA [RAO]: That is propaganda. We had one of the best consultants on elections hired from the UK. The question was preposterous; a clever propaganda ploy by RAO’s political enemies to deflect attention from the massive rigging against him in the 2013 elections.

RAO did not have – and did not need – a TEAM to manage his elections. How can anyone imply that he needed a team to win elections? He had hired an exceptionally gifted Englishman from the UK and mandated him to run all aspects of Cord’s elections from an impenetrable bunker at Orange House.

There were no qualified Kenyans – or Africans for that matter – who RAO could have entrusted with the delicate duty of managing his presidential elections.

RAO didn’t need communications, strategy, propaganda, rapid response, operations and fund-raising teams like Jubilee did; Baba and the Leviathan from the UK could multitask. He also had billions of dollars in reserve just in case.

Please, don’t tell us that RAO is supposed to be both an Afro-optimist and a certified Pan-Africanist. Pan-Africanist my foot! Can’t the pesky media mind its damn business?

Cord and Baba aren’t like the weak and disorganised Jubilee that hired the British firm, BTP Advisers to help introduce and communicate to Kenyans their new political parties and campaign messages.

No, RAO doesn’t need incisive and friendly professionals to help him in campaigns. He leads large movements without structures. Movements don’t need strategies, policies and media relations. All RAO and his great movements need are enough funerals and megaphones.

The Jubilee team needed teamwork and reputable professional firms and consultants to advise and assist it navigate the treacherous political waters because it was weak.

On the other hand, Cord and Raila were and have always been both omniscient and omnipresent. RAO is more than capable of steering the ship to dock. He did it for Mwai Kibaki and Daniel Moi; he can do it for himself.

RAO knows everything. He is the chief strategist, tactician, campaign manager, organiser, mobiliser, marketer, ad consultant, rabble-rouser, and the opinion poll barometer to everything else that matters in an election. Why do you think we call him Baba?

The Englishman was just the public face of the campaign. That’s why he was never introduced to Kenyans. RAO had learnt from the Dick Morris’ debacle of 2007.

The Englishman’s colour and accent were good enough. Please, don’t ask me how effective he was because Kenyan elections aren’t won or lost on effectiveness.

MEDIA: We understand that when the vote tallying at the Bomas of Kenya collapsed, you contemplated going there yourself. Why did you change your mind?

RAO: I didn’t want to cause a fiasco. We really restrained ourselves. In fact, by that time, we already had admissions from officials of the Commission telling us about clandestine things going on there…

We always ask ourselves why they constructed a fibre optic cable line from Kencall to Bomas. And why did they connect it to the NIS headquarters?

Why did they have a server at the NIS headquarters in Ruaraka? What does NIS have to do with elections? You would be shocked if I shared with you the evidence I have on this.

Because Raila loves Kenya so much, he had to restrain himself and allow Jubilee to rig him from the presidency. He didn’t want to cause chaos. Remember that his presence at the KICC in 2007 precipitated the post-election tsunami.

Even though he had impeccable evidence about rigging activities, he didn’t produce it at the Supreme Court in support of his election petition because of his undying love for the citizens of Kenya.

Out of magnanimity, RAO has resolved not to reveal such evidence in order to avoid killing us with shock. We have the option of constructing monuments in his memory after his ascension to Glory.

Baba is an engineer, doctor, PhD, trained in Germany. So, if he says the NIS don’t need fibre optic cables or a server unless they intend to use it for illegal surveillance and rigging elections against Cord; so be it.

After all, the mandate of the NIS doesn’t include the monitoring and detection of potential electoral subversion, crisis, violence or a coup d’état. Only Baba and Cord can determine who owns servers or where fibre optic connections are to be made in the republic.

MEDIA: There is a perception that Raila Amolo Odinga can’t win an election because you lost twice when you were so close to winning.

RAO: […] I have never lost any election, not in 2007 and 2013. Ask Mr. Kibaki; he knows what happened in 2007. Ask TNA; they know what they did. It should not be that if you cannot steal, you have lost.”

Raila Odinga won the 1997, 2007 and 2013 presidential elections with landslide majorities. In 2002, he single-handedly installed Kibaki president.

In fact, it is Raila who allowed President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto to win the 2013 elections. Had he said no, the dynamic duo wouldn’t have been sworn in into power; would they? If in doubt, we should remember his central role during the 1982 coup attempt.

RAO determines who wins or loses presidential elections in Kenya. He is more powerful than the president. In fact, RAO doesn’t need political power. But RAO cannot disclose what transpired during the 2007 and 2013 elections.

He deals with lofty international issues that can only be discussed at the venerable Boston University. That’s why he will be returning for another sabbatical to give lectures there.

The onus isn’t on RAO to substantiate his allegations. That’s demeaning. Whatever Baba says is written on granite. The onus is on those refusing to accept that Raila has never lost elections in Kenya to tender convincing evidence that he has lost. After all, didn’t all the international observers, researchers and exit pollsters publish results showing that he had won with a commanding leads?

MEDIA: Do you have any evidence to suggest that the claims made by Dr. Oburu Oginga about threats to your life are credible?

RAO: No, no, no, leave that alone. Stay away from it. Once Baba says no, it is no. All media interviews with Baba must conform to these basic rules of etiquette. Issues that Baba finds uncomfortable cannot be broached, even tangentially.

We only exist in relation to Baba. We aren’t successful until or unless our paths cross his. If he blesses us, we thrive. If he curses us, we wither. Baba had pre-approved Oburu’s assertions regarding the assassination plot.

The modern technological gizmos that foreign powers have placed at Baba’s disposal had penetrated concrete walls, breached all security anti-hacking devices and anti-virus software and recorded the conversations the three East African Presidents have had at their respective State Houses.

Therefore, the evidence Oburu obtained is ironclad. However, because Baba is more considerate than Mother Teresa, he has decided to forgive the criminal conspirators and resolved not to inflict panic, shock and cardiac arrests on us, poor citizens. Baba knows best!

MEDIA: Are you not concerned that your current association with Maina Njenga could alienate you from Kenyans?

RAO: What we are saying is that there is no need for extrajudicial killings. Even if he was a Mungiki, why can’t the law be followed? Should the government resort to killing people as a solution?

How could the media be foolish enough to ask that question? RAO has known Maina Njenga for a long time. It was RAO who mentored and tutored Maina on politics.

He taught Maina how to discard the machete for the Bible; the dreadlocks for the Giorgio Armani tailored suits; the shack for large mansions in Karen and Kitengela. It was RAO who gave Maina the 48 Laws of Power at the Naivasha Maximum Prison.

In 2007 when RAO defeated Kibaki, Maina had mobilised all the Mungiki in Central Province until others tried to scatter the gains through the post-election violence – just like they had done in 1982.

So, don’t tell us about perceptions and alienations. Kenyans will perceive what RAO tells them to perceive. The alienated will be a small fraction. We can sacrifice them for the wellbeing of the majority. Isn’t that how democracy works? RAO is state plus power combined. So, leave Maina Njenga alone.

MEDIA: What about the Men in Black, the people who disrupted ODM polls?

RAO: That’s rubbish, ask me something else. Next? ‘Men in Black’ are RAO’s beloved children. They are loyal, obedient, disciplined and hardworking army.

They are also untouchable. They answer directly to Baba. They are the defenders of the Movement. Their lightning attack at Kasarani taught the ODM interlopers that succession isn’t on offer.


MigunaMr. Miguna Miguna is a lawyer and author of Peeling Back the Mask: A Quest for Justice in Kenya and Kidneys for the King: Deforming the Status Quo in Kenya.



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