Good news as Uganda, Kenya agree over Migingo

Migingo Island.

Migingo Island.

Both Kenyan and Ugandan government officials have reached an agreement  that will allow for the smooth operation at the disputed Migingo Island.

This follows a joint ministerial meeting by ministers from the two countries, which established a joint council that came up with a joint communique on the way forward.

According to the communique, Kenyan fishermen operating on the island will now operate on the Ugandan waters without being arrested while Ugandan security personnel will also be able to cross over to Kenyan beaches for food and medical supplies.

Manage beach jointly On security, the two countries also agreed on standard operating procedures at Migingo with each having 12 officers headed by an officer of the same rank. The move is expected to greatly reduce tension on the disputed island. Speaking from the island yesterday, Nyatike sub-county commissioner James Namtala said the agreement was reached at after a joint meeting on  the island attended by senior government and security personnel from the two countries.

“The agreement will offer a solution to perennial tension caused by clash between Kenyan fishermen and Ugandan security personnel,” he said. The leaders also agreed to have a joint Beach Management Unit with officials from both countries.  A joint unit had flopped as officials from both countries have been accusing each other of mismanagement of funds, misuse of resources and favoritism during conflict resolution.

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