Nairobi Girl 19, assaults mother for ‘entertaining’ boyfriend in her presence

motherassaultA middle-aged woman in Nairobi’s Bahati estate is nursing injuries after her teenage daughter struck her on the forehead with a soda bottle, seriously injuring her for “embarrassing” her.

This was after the teenage daughter got fed-up enduring embarrassment and discomfort of sleeping on a rickety couch, as her mother entertained her boyfriend in their single-room house.

The 19-year-old girl laid bare the scandalous details of this unfortunate incident to a band of curious onlookers who could not help but laugh their heads off. Apparently the girl felt bad that her mother and her boyfriend had disrespected her for long by engaging in the act of the rod in her presence.


A neighbor who witnessed part of the drama told this writer the young girl lives together with her mother in a single-room house. Her mother had allegedly been inviting her boyfriend for sleepovers in the house, a situation that had been forcing the girl to sleep on the couch, or at friends’ houses.

The witness said the girl is a student at a college in the city centre, but her mother operates a shop in the estate where she met the youthful man who used to supply bread around estate shops.

“The man used to supply bread around. I used to see him hanging around the woman’s shop for hours. The man must have been seducing the woman, or so it seems,” revealed the witness.

He added, “On the fateful evening, while the girl and her mother were preparing supper around 8pm, the man arrived on his usual visits.”

Fed up with the man’s visits, she became rude when her mother told her to give them room to discuss some business.

Shockingly, the girl made as if to leave, and reached for a soda bottle, which she used to strike her mother – hard – on the forehead, sending her sprawling on the ground bleeding as she writhed in pain and wailed for help.

Within minutes their house was swarming with curious neighbours, who thought the family had been attacked by robbers, only for the teenage girl to bare it all.

“My mother has been misbehaving with his boyfriend in my presence for long and today I could not take it anymore. I usually spend nights on the couch whenever he visits or alternatively I beg my friends to allow me to sleep at their houses as if I don’t have a home,” she announced.

As the neighbours gave the injured woman first aid, others were searching for the man beneath the bed, thinking he had hidden there, only to realize he had melted into darkness.

“What kind of man is he to inconvenience such a young girl just because he wants to be served the forbidden fruit by her mother, and in her house? He should be ashamed of himself,” one of the angry neigbours was overheard complaining.

Some naughty neigbours made fun of the woman, urging the young girl to also invite over her boyfriend and disrespect her mother.

But he was shouted down by yet another neigbour who yelled at him, “You should be ashamed of yourself. It is her mother who pays rent.”

The woman was rushed to a nearby dispensary where her wounds were stitched before being discharged.

-The Standard



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