#GhanaDecides: The Apps and websites that mattered

Ghana has had its eyes and ears on various media channels after going to the polls on Friday 7th December. Besides radio and television, social media, websites and apps were also used for collation of results and tracking of the progress in this year’s election. Some apps and websites received impressive traffic. : Ghana Decides is a non-partisan project, launched on March 24 2012 and aims to foster a better-informed electorate for free, fair and safe 2012 Elections using online social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Instagram, Flick and others that are common among Ghanaians. It is an initiative under BloggingGhana, which is a membership-based platform for Ghanaian bloggers and social media enthusiasts both in and outside of Ghana who write about the country.

Ghana Decides had a team of young bloggers, professional photographers and youth leaders who had dedicated their time and energy to gathering  content around this year’s election. Its website had unique content picked up by its team of over 80 volunteers spread across the country.  One interesting plugin on the project’s website was the live Blogging feature which informed its readers with minute-by-minute updates.

The Ghana Election Map: The Ghana Election map was developed by Rancard for Google. It presents a visual representation of Parliamentary and Presidential votes. By hovering on the map, one could tell how many votes had been gathered by which party depending on how many constituency votes had been gathered. The regions turned Blue or Red depending on which of the two major parties in Ghana was in the lead. The only problem with that app was that that it took a while for the  platform to get updated. Most visitors therefore depended on other sources for updates.

The Multimedia Election Head Quarters :’s Election display was by far the most consulted platform. It was clearly ahead of all the other broadcasts available to interested parties on the day. The App showed a break-down of the major parties’ votes received. There was a pie chart presentation depicting which fraction the various parties had consumed out of the whole.





VoteKast : VoteKast Africa  one of Ghana Decides partners had an interactive reporting election system built by a team of young Ghanaians and a foreign consultant. It also presented election news and results for Ghana  in a timely fashion as they are released by the relevant Electoral Commission. VoteKast uses a combination of different algorithms to analyze both historic and live election data. Users will be able to view election results, as well as interactively analyze voting trends and patterns and perform comparisons and projections. Information will be displayed using interactive maps, graphs and charts.




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