Forget Wiper ticket, Makueni MCAs told by Kalonzo Musyoka


Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka is received by Kitui County Governor Julius Malombe

Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka will not issue party tickets to any of the Makueni MCAs if the the county is dissolved.

Addressing residents at Mbuvo trading centre after a church service on Sunday, he said the MCAs have demeaned the party and deserve no mercy.

‘’I cannot be talking sense to you and then you defy all that,” Kalonzo said.

“In fact, I welcome all the first runners-ups of the last general election to the party and will issue them with certificates instead,” he said.

He said his county representatives formed the majority in the county assembly but were a “disgrace” to the party.

‘’The new constitution has given political parties power. If you think you are too big to abide by the party rules, it is time you started packing,’ ‘Kalonzo said.

He told the MCAs to either “shape up or ship out” before it was too late.

Kalonzo called the MCAs “thieves’’ who are out there to reap for their bellies, forgetting those who elected them.

‘’These guys have totally forgotten their responsibilities. They do not know there are many people in dire need of those positions as well,” he said.

He asked Governor Kivutha Kibwana to continue with his calls for the administration’s dissolution.

‘’If they do not work with you, let the county be dissolved. Ukambani has suffered a lot to accommodate thieves who want to loot the little we have,” he said.

Kalonzo said it did not make sense to fight for more money to be devolved “when others are busy fighting to have it all for themselves’’.

He was accompanied by Makueni MP Daniel Maanzo, women’s representative Rose Museo, several MCAs and businessmen.

Speaking on the phone with the Star, Nzambani MCA Cosmas Nzilili rejected Kalonzo’s remarks.

‘’I think we need to appreciate that the party leader is not in power and has little to offer wananchi,” Nzilili said.

“For him to stay afloat he must go by the in-thing of the day. I personally don’t blame him”.






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