Family of Kenyan woman admitted at a Saudi Arabia hospital sought

A Kenyan woman is admitted at a Riyadh, Saudi Arabia hospital after she was found in an unknown location in the Riyadh forest.

riyadThe woman is currently in a weak state and she has lost her memory. The woman can only say she is Kenyan but she does not have any documentation with her. She has not been able to recall the names of any of her relatives or where she hails from in Kenya.

Kenyans in Saudi Arabia are trying to locate anybody who can identify this woman so that she can be around her family. They have not been successful yet.

If you know this woman, please let usĀ  know how we can reach you and be able to direct you to those in Saudi Arabia that can connect you with her. Any help is appreciated. Please share and hopefully she can be reunited with her family.



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