Explosion and gunfire in Mpeketoni in Lamu County, police battle attackers

BreakingNewsExplosion and gunfire have rent the air in the last 2 hours as police battled unknown attackers in Mpeketoni area of Lamu.

Fighting has broken out in Mpeketoni area this evening as residents reported a spate of shooting in the area.

Unconfirmed reports claim that Mpeketoni Police station was attacked by unknown people who torched the Station commander’s house.

Inspector General David Kimaiyo stated that they were yet to be furnished with details of the situation but confirmed the attacks.

“We do not have full information on the incident and we are still trying to reach our officers at the moment,” he told the Nation in a phone interview.

Officers were still engaged in combat with the residents reportedly having taken cover under the hail of bullets.

Residents said Breeze View Hotel and Taweel restaurant are also affected as bellowing smoke has been seen around their locations.

Witnesses said the town has been under siege for the last two hours with unconfirmed reports suggesting that it was the Al Shabab fighters.

Sporadic gun fire and explosions spreading panic among residents with the police seemingly unable to contain the situation.


Suspected Al Shabaab militants take over Lamu’s Mpeketoni.

Gunmen on Sunday attacked Mpeketoni township in Lamu County, and burn down a police station escaping with weapons and two vehicles.

They proceeded to attack several hotels in the area including Farmers hotel. Residents have fled to the forests and into the interior no policemen An eye witness told the standard he has seen three bodies lying on the street. “Shooting still going on, the attackers are shouting aalahu akbar,” he said.





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