Embu thugs caught on CCTV cameras

cctvGangster who raided a new health centre in Embu town, were captured on CCTV cameras.

The two-man gang stole five computers from Open Focus Medical Centre after breaking its doors on Thursday.

The CCTV cameras captured the two carrying away the stolen computers, located on the Embu-Meru Highway near Family Bank and loaded the computers into two bags before leaving.

Apparently unaware of the CCTV cameras, the thugs, whose faces were clearly captured, took their time in the computer room to dismantle the computers from desks before taking them away.

The firm’s manager Amos Nyambega said they had just brought in the new computers in preparation to begin operations on August 1.

“We assembled the machines and made other arrangements before closing at around 6pm and left for home. When we reported on Friday morning, we were shocked to find the padlock broken,” he said.

Nyambega said they found the computers in the laboratory missing.

“We decided to replay the CCTV cameras and found that two smartly-dressed men in suits carried out the daring theft,” Nyambega said.

He said one of the thugs entered and dismantled the computers from the desks before loading them in specially made bags as the other watched.

“He stayed in for almost twenty minutes before the second one came in and assisted him to carry the computers.”

He said they suspect the thugs could have used a car.

Nyambega said he reported the matter to building’s proprietor and the police.

Embu police station boss Richard Kioko said investigations have been launched into the incident.

The Star



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