EABL workers fail to vote, their IDs mysteriously missing

logoEighteen workers of East African Breweries, Nairobi failed to vote Monday after their Identification Documents mysteriously went missing from the main sentry of the factory.

The workers had reported their duties in Ruaraka based factory on Sunday evening and left the IDs at the reception area.

However when they were leaving Monday morning ready for the exercise they realised their IDs were missing out of tens of others.

They reported the matter to Kasarani police station in Nairobi and police moved in and arrested four guards who were on duty.

Nairobi Area police boss Ben Kibue said the four guards were on duty when the documents went missing.

“The workers realised the documents were missing when they were signing out of the factory and we are investigating to know what happened,” said Kibue.

He said the affected workers told them they planned to vote in the exercise but they did not do so because the documents were missing.

Kibue said part of their investigations will spread to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission where they will seek to know if the documents were used to vote.

“If the IDs were used it will be a serious issue because it means there is a lot fraud.’

Kasarani head of CID Valerian Obore said the four guards are expected in court this morning to face various charges.

Obore said they are interrogating the guards to know the whereabouts of the documents. He added the factory management is co-operating well with investigations.

“Some of the victims say they are ashamed going home without the ink on the finger to indicate one has voted,” said police.

A senior manager at the factory said they are taking the issue serious and were also investigating it.

Authorities had asked employers to release their employees to be able to vote in the exercise.-Standard





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