Drama as Machakos goverment raplaces Deputy Governor Prado car with a Subaru

Deputy Governor Kiala and Senator Muthama at Machakos  CORD Rally

Deputy Governor Kiala and Senator Muthama at Machakos CORD Rally

Drama unfolded in Machakos town today after several MCA’s impounded the deputy governors Bernard Kiala car and blocked his way out of the town hall. The deputy governor had played host to CORD luminaries at the Kenyatta stadium yesterday, an event boycotted by the Governor Alfred Mutua.

Machakos County vehicles are being fitted with green plates to ensure proper use of the vehicles and fuel in line with keeping to cost as part of austerity measures placed after being passed by the Machakos Government Cabinet.

A statement issued by the Machakos Government Transport Minister said “We have received reports that the Deputy Governor is refusing to comply and has Instead politicized the issue”

“The Deputy Governor has in the meantime, been assigned Subaru Outback No. KBY 032B for use” said the statement which also sought to clarify that this was normal Government process and is not political .

The move is widely seen as a disciplinary measure on the deputy governor who welcomed Senator Muthama and CORD principals into Machakos town for a Saba Saba Rally.


IN OTHER NEWS: Four Machakos MPs Tell Kiala to Resign

FOUR Machakos MPs have asked Deputy Governor Bernard Kiala to resign for undermining his boss Alfred Mutua. The legislators said Kiala constantly criticises the county government yet he is a senior official. The MPs said if Kiala is not happy he should quit.

MPs Victor Munyaka (Machakos Town), Vincent Musyoka (Mwala), Itwiku Mbai (Masinga) and Francis Mwangangi (Yatta) on Thursday told the Star that Kiala is being used by the governor’s critics to wage war against the county government.

“Mutua did Kiala a big favour of making him his running mate as he had unsuccessfully contested the Masinga parliamentary seat several times and his political career was in ruins,” Mbai said.

He said he proposed Kiala to Mutua and the deputy governor played a negligible role in Mutua’s victory. “It is now obvious that Kiala is working for Senator Johnston Muthama, who is hell bent on seeing Mutua out of office,” Munyaka said.

“Mutua has done a splendid job so far and those out to derail him will face the wrath of voters in 2017.” In a related development, the Machakos Youth Forum said they have evidence that Kiala has employed 17 close relatives in the county government.

Forum chairman Manthi wa Musyoka said the deputy governor should carry his own cross and stop maligning Mutua. “There are forces outside the county who are using Kiala to destabilise the governor as his populaity is rising by the day. This is making some people very uncomfortable,” Musyoka said.

Kiala declined to comment on the allegation that 17 of his relatives have been given county jobs. The deputy governor has been critical of Mutua’s administration since the governor accused him of holding secret meetings with Muthama and a section of MCAs. Mutua accused Kiala of planning to impeach him.

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