Don’t neglect Kisumu, youths tell Uhuru

President Uhuru Kenyatta

President Uhuru Kenyatta

Youths in Kisumu are urging President Uhuru Kenyatta to visit the city and listen to challenges affecting the locals.

The Kisumu Youth and Business Community Association says President Kenyatta should visit the region and interact with the local youths saying they feel neglected by the Jubilee government.

The association’s strategist John Odenyo says they have a number of issues they would like the Head of State to address, pointing out that it should not be assumed that the region is anti-government.

“There is a perception in the country, that Nyanza is against the Jubilee government and we think that in some way that places certain disadvantages along the way of the government working seamlessly with us. We have certain benefits that we can derive from working with the National Government, ” he said.

He says they would like the president to attend and officiate at the 2014 Agricultural Society of Kenya Show in Kisumu to give them ample time to interact with him.

“The President should know that not all people in Nyanza are supporting what the Opposition is doing, so we should not be sidelined because we are with you the president, we know you are the President of Kenya and we support you,” he stated.

The call comes just two days after sugarcane farmers in the region also sent out a plea to the president to grace the ASK show in Kisumu.

This comes even as the Opposition which enjoys undisputed backing in Kisumu continues to call for a referendum to demand support of increased allocations to county governments, fair public appointments and full implementation of the TJRC report among other issues.

– Capital FM News



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