Diaspora youths to benefit from Govt contracts – President Uhuru Kenyatta



President Uhuru Kenyatta has assured Kenyan youths in the Diaspora that they qualify for the 30 percent Government contracts reserved for youth, women and persons living with disabilities.

President Kenyatta advised youth in the Diaspora to bid for the contracts alongside other qualified Kenyans for consideration.

He added that the Government contracts alongside the Youth Enterprise Fund were aimed at levelling the playing field and provide equal opportunities to the groups.

President Kenyatta, who spoke to Kenyans living in South Africa at a Johannesburg hotel, said the youth empowerment programmes will enable tapping of the potential and expertise in the Diaspora to create more employers and therefore bridge the gap between the rich and the poor.

He said civil servants charged with the management of the public institutions must actively play their role in the country’s transformational agenda by deftly managing challenges and astutely exploiting opportunities.

“Civil servants who fail to live to expectation will be shown the door. They signed performance contracts and we want to see results,” the President said.

The President asked all Kenyans including those in the Diaspora to support Government initiatives to fight corruption by reporting those engaged in the vice.

President Kenyatta said he would not allow the country’s transformative journey to be derailed by people who are not ready to deliver; emphasising that time had come non-performers from public service.

He also urged all Kenyans to play their individual and collective roles effectively in the fight against tribalism so as to build a nation where all citizens co-existed peacefully.

President Kenyatta expressed his commitment to sustainable peace in the East African region and the African continent.
“As a country, region and Africa we are committed to a united continent where local resources are properly utilized before venturing outside,” he added.

The President said Kenya remained committed to greater integration and faster economic growth to realize the vision of a peaceful, highly developed and borderless region.

President Kenyatta said Kenya and other East African countries were working together to remove all barriers that impede inter-border movement of people and goods.

Fielding questions from the Kenyans, the President said the freedom of expression and speech guaranteed in the constitution has responsibilities. He urged the media to exercise responsible journalism.

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Cabinet Secretary, Amina Mohamed, explained the African Union petition to the United Nations General Assembly over the Kenya ICC cases.

Ambassador Mohamed said a representative delegation of foreign ministers from selected African countries met the UN Security Council this week as they pursued the one-year suspension petition.

The Kenya Diaspora in South Africa (KEDASA) chairman Chomba Chuma assured the President that the Diaspora from across the world will supporting the Government behold remittances to realize its transformative agenda.

Others who spoke included Kenya’s High Commissioner to South Africa Patrick Wamoto and lawmakers, Mike Mbuvi, Rachael Shebesh and Gideon Moi.




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