Dennis Itumbi: Why not arrest me?

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State House Director of Digital, New Media and Diaspora Affairs Dennis Itumbi

A report that raises queries on the legitimacy of Mr Dennis Itumbi’s academic credentials has sparked mixed reactions.

Mr Itumbi, the State House Director for Digital, New Media and Diaspora Affairs, responded to the report saying he is ready to present himself to any police station if found guilty of forging his papers.

“If I forged my papers or forced/blackmailed anybody to do that, why not arrest me?” he said on Facebook.

The National Intelligence Service (NIS) report published in theSunday Nation revealed that Mr Itumbi was among 50 students from Kenya Institute of Mass Communication whose qualifications are open to questions thus doubting his suitability to serve in a sensitive government office.


According to the NIS security vetting brief, Mr Itumbi allegedly led student unrest at the college and used this as leverage to force the then management of the college led by Mr Eliud Sang to “award him and his class (of 50) Diplomas in Broadcast Journalism while they were enrolled to do a certificate course in the same”.

Kenyans on Twitter had different reactions to the report.

Robert Alai tweeted to President ‘@UKenyatta if you have confidence in @OLeitumbi then why not confirm him? Some people have certs but don’t have talent.’

This is after the report further revealed that Mr Itumbi was yet to be confirmed for the position of Director for reasons not revealed in the report.


Some of the KIMC alumni recalled the events of the said unrest.

Maureen Wanjiku said on Twitter: ‘’@oleitumbi @donsarigo KIMC didn’t have graduations till ’06 one year after we left. Yes, protests achieved alot. Muoroto is now flats of hostels.’’

For some, the report needs to present evidence and have Mr Itumbi arrested if found guilty.

Pauline Njoroge said: ‘’@DannMwangi If it’s true @OleItumbi forged papers, now that NIS has evidence he should be arrested!!’’

Others lauded his efforts in the government towards achievement of provision of crucial services through digital media.

Bim Kenya tweeted: ‘’There is something about @OleItumbi that even Professors dusting their books will never take away from him. Smart guy.’’

Joe Gidi added: ‘’@Kenyafootball @OleItumbi sometimes I never agree with him but we must give it to Itumbi for making some strides that even PhD Holders can’t.’’




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