Churchhill Kenya: Owago Onyiro does it again Too hot for TV joke


Now, Churchill Show’s newest talents, Owago Onyiro, is cementing his name as one of the most controversial comedians in the country. After his first explicit clip was not aired on TV (but went viral on YouTube), the ‘Ujaluo Itakuua’ comedian is back with yet other jokes that depicted so much sex.

When his time came to take the stage, Onyiro did what he does best; crack up the audience. This time though his witticisms were a bit R-rated. Making a reference to a cheating couple who were caught when their parts got stuck together, Onyiro says when you’re eating forbidden fruits you should tread cautiously not just diving in greedily.

“Cheza na vidole kwanza!” opines Onyiro adding, “Io kidole ikitoka anza kazi yako!”

The clip was in fact blue-penciled from the main clip that was aired last Sunday as it had the most offensive language that should not be broadcast before the watershed on TV.


 His first explicit clip was not aired on TV



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