How computer programmer coded thriving video streaming company

In 2009, the fibre optic cable arrived at the port of Mombasa. For Santos Okottah, this event would mark a new direction in his career. At the time, the programmer… Read more »

Computer Virus Cripples UK Hospital System

Citing a computer virus outbreak, a hospital system in the United Kingdom has canceled all planned operations and diverted major trauma cases to neighboring facilities. The incident came as U.K. leaders detailed a national… Read more »

Kenyan ambulance-hailing app makers raise $100k from US angel investors

Kenyan startup Capsule has raised US$100,000 to take Flare, a mobile app that allows patients or hospitals to request emergency help using their smartphone, to market. Disrupt Africa reported in… Read more »

Uganda’s Uber-like app for dirty laundry [VIDEO]

Don’t feel like doing your laundry In Kampala, there’s an app for that Piles of dirty laundry don’t clean themselves — but in Kampala, an app is trying to make… Read more »

Hackers offering bulk discount to unlock encrypted MedStar data

The hackers who locked up data on MedStar’s computers this week are demanding ransom to begin unlocking it — and they’re offering a bulk discount to release all of it,… Read more »

FBI investigating cyber attack at MedStar Health

Suspected cyber attack at MedStar Health Hackers attacked the computer system at MedStar Health on Monday, forcing thousands of employees in the state’s second-largest health care provider to resort to… Read more »

Kenya goverment to spend Sh13bn in war against hackers

Technology firms and insurers are among those set to benefit as government bolsters its 2016 cyber defence budget by 15 per cent to Sh13 billion underlining the rising threat posed… Read more »

The Rise Of Silicon Savannah And Africa’s Tech Movement

Tech will be on President Obama’s agenda as he hosts the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Kenya, taking along internet pioneer Steve Case and Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky. Nascent as it… Read more »

Rising threat of cyber-attacks puts Kenyan companies on the edge

As you are read this, a local organisation’s internal system is being hacked. Alarming statistics show that 30 companies suffer cyber-attack daily in Kenya. And what is even more worrying… Read more »

Senators question Kenya Airways IT security after security breaches

Kenya Airways management will be required to appear before the Senate within two weeks after they failed to convince the committee inquiring into its affairs over whether its IT system… Read more »

6 Google apps that make travelling easy

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Computing firm picks Nairobi for regional office

Africa’s top salesforce reseller and consulting partner, Agilitude has opened its Kenyan operations headed by local tech guru, Tejpal Bedi. Agilitude East Africa will provide, through Salesforce – run entirely… Read more »

Stung by hackers, Kenyan government moves to standardise ICT systems

State agencies and ministries have been ordered to streamline their ICT systems with a view to check the rising cases of cybercrime. A circular from the Office of the President… Read more »

E-commerce firm Chinabuy enters Kenyan market

Chinabuy, an e-commerce company, has entered the local market with a promise to link local buyers to Chinese manufacturers and Chinese major online sites. The online shopping mall has an… Read more »

#broOcholla: Kenyans on Twitter take goofy Bro Ocholla to ‘cloud 9’

It’s a WhatsApp conversation that started with a message of goodwill to Fred and Marion, who were celebrating their anniversary before the conversation went south. Two members in the group… Read more »