How dad dishonoured my mother

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Treatments for Cancer

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Controversial CS with gift of the gab who relishes taking on Uhuru critics

After three years in the political cold, Devolution and Planning secretary Festus Mwangi Kiunjuri has made up for lost time by using his oratory prowess as a Jubilee Coalition defender…. Read more »

Those who disparage mega projects overlook how economies grow

Two Rivers, a mega project that is one of the largest shopping malls in Africa, finally opened last week. This giant piece of infrastructure cost $274 million or about Sh28… Read more »

Why half of Kenyan men should be in jail for sexual offences

In May 2013, a 16-year-old boy – let’s call him Calvin – invited his girlfriend to his house. It was a Sunday and his parents were out. His girlfriend –… Read more »

The Role of the State in Shrinking Political Spaces for CSOs in Kenya

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What porn can do to your relationship

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Trump’s America could look a lot like Kenya

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Uhuru’s re-election chances undented despite graft spiral

In the face of the Eurobond, National Youth Service (NYS) and Afya House corruption scandals, to name just a few — and amidst claims that devolution has led to the… Read more »

Nowhere to hide illegal wealth in Kenya

Kenya has over the years witnessed a high level of grabbing of public property, with the perpetrators going about it with impunity. There have been some instances where illegally-acquired properties… Read more »

Does Peter Kenneth stand a better chance in Murang’a governor race?

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Cows for a Dowry: My Conflicted Feelings About Respecting Kenyan Wedding Traditions in Canada

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Weird extents city women go to have firm grip on their men and make them happy

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Class One laptops plan sets Kenya on course to future tech-savvy generation

The next decade 2016-2025 promises to be the decade of Africa’s development through an ICT-propelled transformation. The launch of the Smart Africa Initiative at the Transform Africa Summit in Kigali… Read more »

Why foreign workers in Kenya earn more money

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