A view of the scene where a cargo train derailed in Kibera

A view of the scene where a cargo train derailed in Kibera

A cargo train derailed in Kibera on Sunday Morning, crashing into tin sheet houses and leaving scores wounded and others trapped under wagons.

Rescue personnel say one of the train’s cargo, a tank with inflamable fuel, is leaking.

The accident occurred around Highrise area, Soweto road.

According to St John Ambulance, four people have been taken to Kenyatta National Hospital. Red Cross later adjusted the number of those injured to eight.

Reports indicate the train, headed to Uganda, derailed and fell on a line of 50 metres of shanties.

Rescue efforts are hamstrung by the unavailability of cranes to pullout the fallen wagons.

Police had a hard time keeping off bystanders from the scene.

The crowd eventually climbed on top of the overturned wagons in the commotion caused by the arrival of Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko.

Two hours after the accident, government brought in  heavy equipment to pulling out the fallen wagons.

“Heavy equipment, including metal cutters and a blowtorch have been brought to the scene to aid in the rescue,” the government announced on the Disaster Operations twitter handle.

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