Boston rapper insulted by a Kenyan woman at a Boston train station speaks


Flyboi Dizzy. (a grab from his Sextape video)

The alleged victim of harassment by a Kenyan woman at a Boston train station has spoken exclusively to Pulsefeedz.

After posting a video which garnered worldwide attention, we asked to speak with the individual who is known on Facebook as “Flyboi Dizzy.”

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Do you regret posting this video?

After posting the video and seeing the response I feel like a lot of people have gone through what I have gone through. I’m glad I put it on camera so that we can learn and grow from the situation. No one was right in the situation by far, I was real in shock to have someone that I consider my people talk to me like she did. I’m a firm believer of being held accountable for your actions. I don’t know her from a hole in the wall.

Looking back at the video and seeing how we said “you’re crazy” never dawned on me that she just might be. It was more of a defense tactic, feeling embarrassed in front of hundreds of people and there’s nothing you can do but try to out shout the hateful things being said. She felt that way before us, so I know we didn’t play apart in creating that hate.

feel we didn’t make it better, but it’s almost like the truth was there and I wanted to uncover it. All the time I hear of black people talking down about other black people with social networks etc., so to have it right in front of you was like tell me why! How are we stupid? How are we a disgrace? Last time I checked my mom isn’t on drugs! Not saying that I took that personally but I know someone’s mother is on drugs and I feel like when you speak about them you’re speaking about me.

This is my community and you have to take the good with the bad. I can’t say I’m from here and then when the topic switches to the negative things jump ship. We are in it together and I feel I contribute everyday. Being a positive example Is just enough. Not harming my community and owning it.

Have your thoughts/feelings about Africans/Kenyans changed because of this encounter?

As far as Kenyans go, it’s always been love and always will be love. I spoke with my cousin about the fact people all over the world are apologizing on behalf of her. But we are adults; well-raised young men that can isolate a situation like this and not take it out on the whole country. I always look at the big picture it’s not just Kenyans that feel this way about Black Americans so I would never isolate someone.

She just randomly came up to you guys and started arguing with you? Don’t you think you provoked her more by following her?

She started shouting “nasty black Americans” and shooing us, waving off with her hand and that’s what sparked it. I think (following her) irritated her, of course. But I don’t think that’s why she said what she said.

Would you have still followed her if you could do it all over again?

Probably not. I have a clear mind my actions were mainly reactive in the heat of the moment. Almost like a “got to have the last word ” moment.

Many people on social media have said that they are familiar with her crazy antics at that same particular train station. Were you familiar with them before you encountered her?

I never seen her before this. Seems like she’s been a problem to a lot of people. On the MBTA (the bus) and airport. They should also take a closer look at who they allow there. I paid to ride a train not be called “American trash” and “Nigger.”

Some have called for you to take down the video because of they believe she is mentally ill. Will you and do you think you should?

It doesn’t matter people have already seen it once and it’s on the internet it’s there forever. Someone (Kenyan journalist Robert Alai) put it on YouTube. I have noticed everyone has their own opinions.

But do you think you should you take down your copy?

No, that defeats the purpose of posting it.

Do you plan on alerting authorities or pressing charges?

No way. I’m gonna keep living my life and pray she makes it around hers safely.


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