#BabaWhileYouWereAway: While Raila was away…Kenyans take humour a level higher on socialmedia

Former  Prime Minister Raila Odinga

Kenyans online have started a Twitter trend to update the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga – who is expected back from a two-month stay in US – on what has been happening in the country.

On Wednesday, hashtag #BabaWhileYouWereAway trended in the country with hilarious tweets.

Nameless the musician tweeted; #BabaWhileYouWereAway I stopped wearing shades after tint order was about to be enforced…hahaha.

Hardley Malema tweeted; #BabaWhileYouWereAway luo festival went down in style. A culture of class, Trendsetters, Pacesetters and the Learned

The Luo festival was held at Carnivore Grounds, Nairobi on April 26 and 27 and was attended by various political leaders among them Kalonzo Musyoka.

Boniface Mwangi tweeted; #BabaWhileYouWereAway we missed your Kibera meet the people tours.

Jua Cali tweeted; #BabaWhileYouWereAway I released a new song ‘Tunaona Mbali’ he he he.

Betty Githua tweeted; Lupita became the most beautiful woman in the world #BabaWhileYouWereAway

Lupita Nyong’o was named the People’s most beautiful person on April 23 among other stars like Pink, Gabrielle Union and Amber Heard.

Robert Alai tweeted; #BabaWhileYouWereAway they wanted to sack #LindaOkello from the Police for her God given talent.

Linda Okello hit the headlines when she was pictured in the Nation during the KCB Safari Rally in Kiambu, Kenyans online came to her defence when she was allegedly summoned by the County Police Boss.

Norbert tweeted; #Babawhileyouwereaway some Kenyans drunk killer brews called sacramental and countryman.

The killer brew led to the deaths of over 70 people in five counties across the country.

Vicky Nthesh tweeted; #BabaWhileYouWereAway I tried to remove my tint as per Kimaiyo’s order but unfortunately I have to stay with my tint.

Mohammed Wehliye tweeted; #BabaWhileYouWereAway Githu Muigai became a Mortician and Amos Wako, a Surgeon.

Attorney General Githu Muigai said he was a mortician in the Anglo leasing scandal during a press conference in his office.

Mr Odinga is expected into the country on Saturday from the US and is scheduled to address a political rally at Uhuru Park on the same day.

Even Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko took part in the trend through his Facebook page where he posted, ‘#‎BabaWhileYouWereAway I wrote a please call me to Mr President and he called me.’

Other hilarious tweets that Kenyans posted on the trending topic included;

Franklin Mwenda tweeted; #BabaWhileYouWereAway Willy Paul bought an accent.

Daisy Njeri tweeted; #BabaWhileYouWereAway Gor mahia lost a game at meru, they were busy chewing miraa instead of defending.

Amos Kimeu tweeted: #BabaWhileYouWereAway Vera Sidika obeyed the new law by The IG kimaiyo to remove all the tint.

Njeri Wangari tweeted; #BabaWhileYouWereAway Sauti Soul became Sprite Ambassadors. For women, thirst was everything.

Nough Casillas tweeted; #BabaWhileYouWereAway , Public University students led by BabuOwino, had a peaceful demo, until the police started rioting.

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