African Immigrant Caucus (AIC) on June 8th Action with Maryland Gubernatorial Candidates

Now that all the candidates have confirmed, there is no turning back…we must deliver! We have 5 weeks to get 2000+ African immigrants to show up on June 8th.

logoThe time is now. We have the numbers; we have the money; we have the education, but what we don’t have is the influence! It’s time to give our people a voice in our new country, the United States of America.

And we have started. The African Immigrant Caucus (AIC) has been birthed and already a growing network of African immigrant institutions are coming together to effect change through the power of our numbers. Launched in November 2013, AIC consists of community, clergy, and business leaders who believe African immigrants in Diaspora need a voice in the political system as other ethnic groups (e.g., Asians, Hispanics, African Americans, Jewish Americans, etc.) have today. Both nationally and locally, we are ignored because we are voiceless. He that has no voice has no power!

AIC is working with the nation’s top community organizers to help our people organize and create power to:

  • Ensure we receive the recognition we deserve from political and corporate leaders
  • Ensure politicians deliver on our peoples’ concrete needs and concerns (e.g., immigration, foreign policy, employment, education)
  • Ensure our children have a vehicle through which to develop themselves as future public leaders

And our initial efforts are already producing results. We requested that the major candidates for governor of Maryland meet with 2000 African immigrants for a public accountability session to address our issues on June 8, 3 pm, at Reid Temple AME Church (North Campus – 12011 Tech Rd, Silver Spring) They ignored our request and tried to dismiss us like others have done in the past. But we did not back down. This time we decided enough is enough. We pushed back hard, and they changed their minds!

All the candidates are now confirmed, so we need to show up!

It has taken 6 weeks of constant outreach to his campaign office by AIC leaders to finally get a firm commitment. Frankly, we were upset enough to enlist 20 African clergy to show up at his campaign office this Thursday, with The Washington Post and the Gazette, to present him with a final invitation. We let him know this yesterday morning and last night he finally confirmed. I don’t know about you, but it makes me mad that we had to work this hard for him to agree to meet with 2000+ Africans…Really?

Now that all the candidates have confirmed, there is no turning back…we must deliver! We have 5 weeks to get 2000+ African immigrants to show up on June 8th.

Please plan to attend a very important organizational meeting on Saturday 5/3 @ 11:00 at Bethel World Outreach, 8252 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring, Md. 20910. This meeting is all about mobilization. How can we work together to achieve our goals? Do we have the numbers or not? If not, what must be done from now until May 30th?

You are an acknowledged leader in our community. The influence you carry is huge. Please get involved. Please be present on Saturday. Please invite other leaders you think can help us help our people.

The meeting will begin 11:00 am prompt.

You may reach me at 202-409-4656, if you have any questions.


Bishop Darlingston G. Johnson



TIME: 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM




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