Adan Duale threatens to name alleged financiers of Alfred Keter



Majority Leader Adan Duale has warned that they will soon expose financiers of Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter if he continues to accuse the Jubilee leadership.

Duale said that what Keter was engaging in was empty politics after which he would receive pay from his masters.

“Soon we will avail to the country who is paying for the helicopter and the money that Keter is using to cause confusion in the region, the business brokers and conmen’s time is over this is incorruptible government,” said Duale.

In what has lately become a personal attack, the Majority Leader said that the Nandi Hills MP was yet to make a maiden speech in Parliament while he was making noise outside there. “This guy is yet to make a maiden speech several months into the 11th parliament, I wonder why anyone takes him seriously, he is a political mercenary for hire, and he is paid to make all the noise that he is making,” said Duale.

He dismissed Keter on the ‘Ruto fixers’ allegations and noted that majority of those Ruto’s lawyer Karim Khan mentioned were Kalenjin therefore it was double standards to point a finger at others while the real culprits who ‘fixed’ the DP were in their backyards.

“Forget about, Nancy Gitau (Presidential Advisor) and Iringo (interior Coordination Principal secretary Mutea Iringo), there were many others like Limo, Tarus, why not pick on them?” Duale asked.

“We want to change the lives of Kenyans and we will not be held hostage by brokers, they belonge to the past administrations not Jubilee,” said Duale.

However, Keter who has been very vocal against what he calls TNA dominance in Jubilee said he was not paid by anyone and will not be cowed from talking the truth even if it meant putting his life on the line.

“I will stay put and fight for the truth, the Jubilee government should be all inclusive, not a tribal government, I am not going to look as some people steal in government,” said Keter.

The first time MP has also warned his party leader Deputy President William Ruto that he was being set up without his knowledge and would easily fall unpopular before he knew.

“They have played down the office of the DP and reduced him to following the President when he is opening projects,” said Keter.

He said the standard gauge railway project was the Jubilee scandal in waiting and challenged President Uhuru Kenyatta to explain why the country was spending much more than it could have if proper procurement process was followed.

-The Standard



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