[VIDEO] A Kenyan Tow Truck Driver Shot in Fort Worth, Texas

texasA tow truck driver is fighting for his life on New Year’s Day after getting shot while responding to a call from a group of stranded motorists. The incident happened at around 4:45 a.m. in the 6800 block of South Freeway. Family members identify the victim as 53 year-old Joel Omiya from Arlington, who owns the tow truck company.

According to police, there were three adults inside of a car that had broken down along the side of the highway. The group called for a tow truck and the driver was sent to the scene. But when that driver arrived, the disabled car’s occupants — who authorities said were all intoxicated — asked to ride inside of the vehicle while it was being towed. The tow truck driver said no, that he could only allow one person to ride with him in the tow truck’s cab.

That is when one of the occupants when into the trunk of the broken vehicle and retrieved a gun. That person fired one shot, which hit the tow truck driver and left him with life threatening injuries.

Another one of the disabled car’s occupants applied pressure to the driver’s wound until emergency medical professionals could arrive on the scene. The victim was taken by ambulance to JPS Hospital in Fort Worth. He was in critical condition at the time.

Police have arrested the suspected shooter, Shane Crowson, 26, charged him with aggravated assault.




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