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Julius Munene and David Kimari are the great minds behind Tender Soko Company, an online publisher that makes it easier for clients to access tenders.  Being Information Technology graduates from the University of Nairobi and Computer Science from Kenyatta University respectively did not hinder them from diverting to business.

The young entrepreneurs started their company  after attempts to access tenders  hit a snag.  Munene, 30, the founder of the company says it has not been easy to getting the company on its feet, but he is glad that the reception has been good.

The company gets its funds through value addition services and has a viewership of more than 3,000 daily. Munene laments that there has been a mythical slogan about tenders being a preserve for the elite, something he terms as the greatest hindrance to many young people applying for tenders.

Tender Soko’s motive has been to answer the most asked question: Is it  possible for a common man to win tenders? They get their tenders mainly from parastatals after which they charge their clients 5,000 each month to access their website.  Munene says it was only an idea when he was starting out but it is now  leading the way for the government and other interested parties.

Last week, President Uhuru Kenyatta directed all ministries to post tenders on the Internet to curb rampant corruption that is associated with tenders. The company’s aim is to centralise the tender industry to be a one-stop shop. Tender Soko now has representatives in 27 counties to ensure the company does not miss out on any advertised tenders from various parts of the country and  ensure that the clients are well represented.

The journey has not always been smooth as acquiring a soft copy from a government organisation in order to supply their clients with tenders on a daily basis has been the main challenge. The ambitious Munene, who was born and raised  in Nairobi, says he was never aggressive in business but his interest in entrepreneurship  has been growing with time.

“Business is my passion I am arranging to take some courses so as to upgrade my skills and give  my clients the best  services they can get,” he said. The company has over the last few months grown from making an income of Sh 50,000 to  Sh250,000 per month. Munene is pleased with the development and looks forward to making Sh500,000 per month in the coming months as interest in the tender business grows.

He is more interested in the youth.  “My dreams will be fulfilled when I see more youth join the industry and embrace it like any other successful business in the country,” said Munene. To improve his skills, Munene reads a lot about  people who have  accomplished alot in life.

He also attends Information and Communication Technologies forums so as to learn  about maximising the use of the Internet as well as get tips about how to handle clients.


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