Woman gets quadruplets after 14-year wait

Mrs Stella Kimathi, the mother of the Quadruplets, receives a bouquet of flowers from her sister Ms Vivianne Nyakio

Mrs Stella Kimathi, the mother of the Quadruplets, receives a bouquet of flowers from her sister Ms Vivianne Nyakio

A woman has given birth to quadruplets after 14 years of a childless marriage. Mrs Stella Kimathi’s “miracle babies” were born on Thursday at the Meru public hospital where she delivered two girls and two boys.

The elated new mother said that giving birth to four bouncing babies was “double double for the troubles” she and her husband had endured.

She could not hide her joy despite the pain of a Caesarean section.

According to hospital nurse Fridah Kawira, the babies were delivered by Caesarean section on the night of February 5.

“The babies are doing very well in the nursery. We have kept them here for general observation. This is a rare case in this hospital. We have had triplets and twins,” Ms Kawira said.

Another nurse Charity Kirimi said the mother was also doing well and they expected her to be discharged once the babies were found to be fully stable.

“The first baby weighed two kilogrammes, the second 1.9kg, while the third and fourth weighed 1.8kg each. None of the babies has had a complication so far, and we expect them to be discharged very soon,” Mrs Kirimi said.

The 40-year-old first-time mother said she has been looking forward to this moment after her doctor informed early in her pregnancy that she might have quadruplets.

“I am very grateful to God for giving me the four babies at a go. This is a great blessing to my family. I thank the hospital staff for ensuring I got to see this bundle of joy,” Mrs Kimathi said.

She added: “I have been praying and waiting upon God to give me double double for the trouble. I have been childless for a long time and God could not have given me a better gift than this.”


She spoke about the tough times she and her husband had endured in the long wait for a child and called on women in a similar situation to pray and not to give up hope of getting children.

“At 40, God has done it for me. Let them be patient because when God decides to bless them no one will stop it,” she said.

She noted that her family lineage had a history of twins but no one had given birth to quadruplets.

“Some of my relatives have had triplets and twins, but I am the first to get four babies,” she said.

Mrs Kimathi is a cateress at Kaaga Girls’ High School. She said that top among her plans once she leaves hospital was to take the children for dedication at her church.

“First of all I will take them to church for prayer and dedication to God before a celebration at home,” she says.

And she has already picked their names; “For the boys, I have got the names from the Bible. I have named them Manasseh and Ephraim while the girls will be called Precious and Angel. All the names have a meaning for me.”

“The reason why I have called one of the girls Angel is because God spoke to me saying that He would send an angel to guide us to the end. Precious stands for the invaluable things that God has done for our family,” the proud new mother said.

She explained that Manasseh means “God has heard our prayers” while Ephraim means “God has expanded us in the land of trouble”.

She said it was a clear sign that God had come to wipe away the family’s tears and she told how her husband was shot five times by robbers in 2005 and left for dead.

“My husband is a police officer. He was in Shauri Moyo, Nairobi, when he was shot, but God saved him. He is now well and has been promoted to an OCS. This is a big turnaround for my family,” Mrs Kimathi said.

Her sister, Ms Stella Gitune, said they were excited because after a long wait, their sister is finally a mother, blessed with quadruplets.




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