Why You guy girl Vera Sidica is big in Nairobi

vera-sidika-2For a 23-year-old university student, Vera Sidica seems to be living large. She claims ownership of a BMW Z3 Roadster and a Honda Civic for running around.

Throw in a four-bedroom bungalow in Kileleshwa, whose mortgage she claims she will complete servicing by the end of the year, and a picture of success begins to take shape.

And that is even before you talk about her other assets that include Roxie the nickname she has given to her generous booty, which acquired a fame of its own in P-Units You Guy video. So raunchy was Roxie performance that a TV station is said to have embargoed the airing of the video.

But just how does a third-year Fine Arts student at Kenyatta University afford such an apparently lavish lifestyle?

I run several profitable businesses. Im lucky to have been so blessed and that is why I give most of my earnings to several charities, says Vera, who explains that one of her key investments is a high-end fashion outlet in Mombasa. She is reluctant to reveal the names of her coast shop but says she hopes to open a similar store in Nairobi.

What more, she claims she was paid good money; very good money to appear in the You Guy video.
The bad news is that a repeat of the dancing scenes starring Vera may be rarer than some would wish.

I dont think I will ever appear in another video unless its an international artiste  and I am paid really well, says Vera, sometimes referred to as Miss Big Booty or Vee Beiby.

Then there is the small matter of allegations in the gossip pages that Vera, one among a growing number of highflying socialites, makes a living by providing company to wealthy men, who pay top dollar for her services. Its a charge she rejects emphatically.

To all those who take her presence for granted, Vera has news for you: she charges a significant appearance fee.

I am paid to appear at events. My appearance adds glitz, glamour and pomp. And I charge heavily for it, she says, adding that that there is no shame making money out of her fame.

The invites, claims Vera, come from as far as Ghana where she was recently requested to attend the launch of an IT company. And she is never shy to brag about her travels on social media.

I have had men, high and mighty, try to seduce men, but I know how to deal with them. They can never have me; maybe in their dreams. I know how to read, interpret and short-circuit their plans,” says Vera.

Although she will not mention the high fliers trying to get into her pants, Vera says she is currently single, and in no rush to get into a relationship. Marriage, too, is farther away in her scheme of things.

I love babies so much, but I just dont have the time to take care of one. I have still got so much to do, but I hope to get married by the time I hit 30, have two kids and live happily thereafter with my husband, says Vera.

But did she sleep with Akon, the Senegalese-born American superstar, when he visited Kenya last year? Well, despite posting photos to give the impression that she was sharing a hotel room with the artiste, the You Guy video vixen says Akon is among top celebrities she refers to as just a friend.

People will always talk. I knew Akon through his DJ Benny D, who is a friend of mine. Nothing happened when he visited Kenya,says Vera.

Modesty, however, may not exactly personify Vera. For example, she recently caused a furore on social media when she posted a picture of a huge sex toy nicknamed Mr Pinky saying she had bought it as a present to herself.

That is not the only controversy Vera has been involved in. Her ongoing beef with another top socialite, Huddah Monroe, has also been a subject of debate. Not me, she stresses.

People say I had a fight with Huddah. I wish to clarify that I am not the type to fight over anything. I simply have no time to engage in petty wars on social media. My business is to make money, live a good life and help others whenever I can. I am too classy for catfights, says Vera.

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