Why Kiambu’s the county to build in

Jacaranda Gardents.

Jacaranda Gardents.

Investors in Kiambu County are reaping the fruits of big infrastructural developments.

The spinoffs from the construction of the Northern bypass and the Thika Highway have attracted developers to the county, and Kiambu is now being seen as the preferred ‘dormitory’ for people working in Nairobi after completion of the road network, which has cleared the roads of traffic jam.

According to a project manager with property development agency Home Africa, Raymond Kanno, proximity to Nairobi and a good road network in the County places Kiambu at an advantage in terms of development of middle and low income homes, whose demand may take several years to satisfy.

Among the key developments in the area is Fourways Junction, which is a gated property with 850 units.

Its location along Kiambu Road and next to the Northern by-pass explains why the residential units were snapped up.

Eden Ville gated estate is also another development strategically placed for anyone working in Nairobi to make it home, while Thindigua and Kasarini areas along Kiambu Road have experienced a property boom with the demand for rental residential houses rising by the day.

The area has seen people from Nairobi’s Eastlands move in due to the smooth traffic flow. Two and three bedroom houses are now going for Sh25,000 and Sh33, 000 per month respectively.

The Northern by-pass starts after Ruaka trading centre on Limuru Road, passes through Runda, Githogoro and crosses Kiambu Road just a few metres after Ringeways.

From here it passes through Marurui, Thome, and crosses Kamiti Road at Githurai.

Jacaranda Gardens, which have been strategically placed along Kamiti Road next to the by-pass, have also been completed and occupied, even though a visit to the sales department at the site gives the impression that the prices of the 840 two, three and four bedroom units were hiked after the completion of the by-pass.

Incidentally, while the property rates in the less developed parts of the county are getting high as a result of the roads, other estates may suffer depreciation as a result.

For instance, part of Runda estate, where the by-pass is cuts through, may be as affected in terms of pricing.

With a busy public road passing by, tranquility and the security that is synonymous with such high-end residential estates has ultimately been lost as a result of road reserve encroachments which attract all types of people.

In fact, the Githogoro slums seem to be expanding daily right on the perimeters of the posh Runda residential houses.

Given that the slums are not approved developments and are erected overnight along the road reserves, the by-pass has provided just a good environment for them to thrive.

Three and four bed roomed residential houses in Runda today go for as much as Sh100 million.




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