“Why I slept with my son”- A Nakuru mother narrates why she defiled her five year old son

Shock as 46-year-old granny narrates why she defiled her nursery school going child


A mother, who was sentenced to 10 years in jail by a Nakuru court on March 7 for having an ‘affair’ with her five-year-old son, says she was forced to commit incest because adolescent girls snatched her lovers away twice, leaving her dejected and hopeless.

Speaking to The Nairobian at Nakuru GK prisons, where she had just begun her jail term, Mary Wamboi Muriuki, 46, a grandma and mother two older children aged 24 and 22, narrated, amid sobs, how circumstances left her exposed after her husband died in 1998.

Attacked and raped

Wamboi claimed that a person she knew and respected attacked and raped her while she was walking home one evening from a farm where she was employed as a casual labourer.

She adds that she got pregnant and later gave birth to her last-born son who is now causing her sleepless nights on the prison’s cold floors.

During the interview, Wamboi who said she is still a staunch Christian and a member of Rehoboth church, said she committed the offence out of anger and stress.

“My relatives rejected me, but as I tried to survive on my own, two young women ran away with my lovers forcing me to turn on my son,” she confessed with tears of regret flowing down her wrinkled cheeks.

She had sex with the child on two occasions before a neighbour got wind of the matter and reported her to the chief.

A charge sheet shows between January and October 2013 at Heshima in Nakuru North, she committed incest with the nursery school child.

She was also found guilty of a second count of touching his private parts.

The child, through the help of a neighbour, informed the police that his mother switched off the lights at night and forced him to undress before she proceed with the act.

In prison attire bearing the letters SW (special watch), Wamboi accused her in-laws of being behind her tribulations and anguish.

 Sh1,000 salary

mary muriuki

mary muriuki

Following the death of the father of her elder children, she moved out of her matrimonial home at Maram village in Solai where she buried her husband and  returned to Nakuru town to reconstruct her life.

“They accused me of killing my husband when it was clear he had died of meningitis. My options were limited and I had to leave,” she narrates.

Before making her way to Nakuru, she weeded people’s farms and also worked as a house help but unfortunately, her employers frequently terminated her services.

Her first employer at Heshima estate hired her on humanitarian grounds and paid her Sh1,000 at the end of the month, exclusive of meals and shelter.

She worked for a month only before leaving to find another source of income, occasionally landing casual jobs.

On a lucky day, she could go home with Sh200 then go for weeks before securing another job. From the small money, she had to save Sh300 monthly for rent.

“My son has forgiven me and I want God also to accept my pain because what happened was against my feelings. I am devastated and lost,” she said.

Police told the court that the boy had severe pain in his groin before he informed a neighbour who took him to Bahati District Hospital for examination and treatment. The boy was issued with a P3 form that led to his mother’s arrest. The child told the investigators that they have been staying alone with his mother and they shared one bed.

According to reports produced before resident magistrate Rita Amwayi, the child who was in nursery school attended classes irregularly as the mother detained him at home. The boy is now at a children’s home.

Dr Joseph Njau, a psychiatrist based at Rift Valley Provincial General Hospital, who examined the woman, ruled that she was mentally sound.

“The accused is of sound mental health and can stand trial,” said the doctor in his report.

The prosecution said Wamboi had no previous criminal record and urged the court to treat her as a first offender.

 Wamboi ‘sexually sick’

When the court gave Wamboi an opportunity to address the court, the woman who looked dejected, only asked the magistrate to be lenient, saying she had learnt a lesson and would not repeat the mistake.

According Wandia Maina, a counselling psychologist based in Kilimani, Nairobi, Wamboi might not be clinically sick or bipolar, but she could be depressed.

Anastasia Thiong’o, a Nakuru-based counselling psychologist, says, “The woman probably has an undiagnosed mental problem that is still unnoticed. Alternatively, she could be sexually sick and unable to discern her actions. Sexual urges are strong and can transcend reason, especially if she is a maniac. She might also have been abused as a child and can take it on her son.”

The two psychologists, however, believe that a prison sentence is not the right way, but counselling to ensure the root cause of her mental condition is established.




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