What happened in Nax Vegas remained there


There is an old adage that whatever happens in Vegas remains in Vegas. That is in reference of Las Vegas which is regarded by many as a sin city. Locally, the equivalent of Las Vegas is Nax Vegas and everyone who was there during the Easter Holidays would like whatever happened there to remain there.

It was happening as ever and the sleepy town in the Rift came alive as throngs of fans descended to obviously have some fun. On Good Friday there was a traffic jam all the way to Nakuru from the capital city, thanks to the hundreds of sports lovers who were traveling for the rugby party. The case was the same on Easter Monday as they made their way back after the action.
Sports Fanatique Extra deliberately picked some fans randomly to ask who won the Great Rift 10-A-Side tournament and more than half of the sample didn’t know, leaving questions on whether they were at the event for the rugby action or other things. There was a gridlock for the three days of action as all manner of activity, clean and otherwise pounced upon the daylight and nightfall with remarkable zeal.

The 25th edition of this festival will certainly be in memory of many revelers and the like for a long time. The on pitch action was absolutely grand but the stands were riveting and bubbling on another level, probably unmatched in many respects. The atmosphere was lively and crazy in a manner of speaking.

It was an all out affair with every party goer pushing the extra mile to have muenjoyoz as it were. It came as no surprise that the capacity crowd had bestowed upon themselves the right of having a no holds barred parre!    It is believed that Nakuru reserves the unrivaled entertainment capital title and indeed this is not in dispute.

All manner of persons came through with every intention of throwing money at the party gates, and they did indeed. There was a mixture of alcohol, music, beauties and an opportunity to show off vehicles and latest fashion clothes. On Saturday after the action on the pitch, renown DJ Andy thrilled the crowds as darkness fell and in some areas of the of the field it looked reminiscent to Sodom and Gommorah.

On Sunday, the after party was bigger and loud with DJ Andy being joined by DJ Hassan and musician Jaguar. Hotels had been booked in advance and it was extremely difficult to get a place to sleep during the three days, even along Kanu Street where guest rooms are normally a guarantee on normal days.

KRU and its affiliates must be commended for a show that clearly stole hearts from the game’’s fraternity. It was a big event that had its own shortcomings but ultimately held its own thankfully. The other fixtures need to borrow a leaf from this gig and probably learn the ropes on quality execution.

The Nakuru Athletic Club, outskirts of town without a doubt managed to host a success story. Even the debate on social media seemed to elicit majorly positive reviews. Apart from minor setbacks, the rugby phenomenon is here to stay and hopefully last the mile.



-The People



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