Video:Talent in adversity: Otongolo narrator lives with widowed mum in slum

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Daniel Owira, the last of six children took part in his first ever stage performance ‘Otonglo Time!’ A narrative so well done, he even got to present it to the President, and well threw it in there that the President should tweet him. This is in total contrast to the life he actually leads… one of struggling. Raised by a single mother, barely scrapping by with the little she earns to meet the family’s needs, especially her son’s school fees.

If you want to support Daniel Owira’s Education Fund, please send a contribution to M-Pesa PayBill number 977 250. The funds go straight to the family and Safaricom has zero-rated the number.

David David Owira here is the Mpesa Pay bill

David David Owira here is the Mpesa Pay bill

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