[video]Police probe Sonko uncle’s KNH death

Police in Nairobi are investigating circumstances under which Sammy Mutua Mbuvi died at the Kenyatta National Hospital over the weekend.

The family of the deceased, led by Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko, recorded a statement at Nairobi Area Police where they accused some doctors of having kicked the deceased out of the hospital before he met his death.

The family also wants the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board (KMPDB) to investigate doctors who treated the patient for possible professional negligence that might had led to Mbuvi’s death.

A member of the family told the Star yesterday that the deceased was kicked out of the private wing on Saturday morning at the instruction of the management.

The deceased had been discharged on August 1, but was retained pending the payment of the hospital bill which amounted to Sh320, 000.

However, the management changed tact on Saturday morning and kicked the patient out with instructions that he be admitted at the general ward.

The doctor who was attending to the deceased was recalled on duty to readmit the patient but refused on grounds that he was too far.

The patient was left on the corridors between 9am until 4.30pm when he died.

When contacted yesterday KNH acting CEO Simeon Monda confirmed the death but ruled out negligence as the cause of Sammy Mutua Mbuvi’s death.

Monda said the hospital administration did its best to save the patient, “but unfortunately he died while undergoing treatment”.

He refuted claims that Mbuvi was thrown out of the ward and left to die on the corridors: “Our mission is to save lives. Patients come here for treatment; some recover while others succumb while undergoing treatment.”

“I can’t comment anything on negligence, but people have every right to complain if they feel that their relatives were not well attended to while in hospital,” Monda said.

According to the medical practice, disgruntled members are required to lodge their complaints with the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board, which then constitutes a tribunal to ascertain the claims and eventually give a verdict.

Monda assured the bereaved family that the hospital will follow up on the matter and establish exactly what caused the death.

Monda sought to clarify that being transferred to the general ward did not amount to negligence.

Although it was not clear if Mbuvi had been removed from the private wing, Monda said, “If we transfer patients to lower wards where we feel they can manage their bills, it is purely for the purpose of the bill, and that is not negligence.”

Sonko said yesterday he had written to the management of hospital with a commitment to clear the Bill this morning.

He said he had delayed to pay the bill because he had the burden of burying yet another of his uncle, Peter Mbuvi, who was buried on Saturday.

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