Video:Nazlin Umar brings Supreme Court to a halt

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Political activist Nazlin Umar briefly disrupted proceedings at the Supreme Court on Monday as she insisted on addressing judges over an application she had filed at the registry.

Umar defied orders given by the Supreme Court judges and insisted on being given a chance to address them while claiming to represent ‘Wanjiku’ (ordinary Kenyans) in court.

Umar intermittently interrupted the proceedings despite judges overruling her: “I have a point of objection please,” she persisted.

Umar brought proceedings to a halt as she sought to be enjoined in Kenya’s historical petitions that are expected to determine if President-elect Uhuru Kenyatta was the legitimate winner of the March 4 General Election.

Amid caution by the court clerk for Umar to stop disrupting the proceedings, she argued that the court was denying ‘Wanjiku’ a chance to be heard.

“I have a point of objection to make and I have to be heard. I am properly before this court. I forwarded my application on 23rd of this month which was duly received by the Registrar of the Supreme Court. I will be heard. I am here as Wanjiku representing Wanjiku. My application has been accepted by the Judiciary,” she charged.

Despite being informed that her application would be heard on Tuesday morning, Umar went on to accuse the court of mistreating her as she demanded to be given a hearing, “and I can see that you have called police officers to throw me out!”

Umar who was once a presidential candidate ignored pleas by Supreme Court judges Smokin Wanjala, Jackton Ojwang’ and Mohammed Ibrahim to have her sit down and await their instructions.

“As far as we are concerned you are not a party and you have not been given leave to be party in this matter. It is coming for hearing tomorrow,” the judges insisted as they pleaded with Umar to take her sit.

“Nazlin responded that she had properly filed a case before the court. “Today is the only day to deal to determine who is coming on board and who is on. I am already been intimidated by these officers.”

She went ahead to accuse the CJ saying, “the Chief Justice should exclude himself…” but she was again interrupted.

“You will have to respect the authority of the court. Can you sit down? For the last time, Miss Umar, can you take your seat? Miss Umar… it is absolutely important and it cannot be negotiable that the authority of this court must be respected at all times,” Justice Wanjala directed Umar.

“You have to go by the authority of this court! If you expect justice, justice cuts both ways. You don’t come to court by your own justice. This court is ready to listen to all Kenyans as long as they are properly before the court. This is not a political rally. It is the court of law. You have to abide by the orders that flow from this bench, I hope that is clear?”

In response Umar said: “absolutely clear my Lord… but I have not been heard!”

“This is the order of this court. We are not going to hear you in defiance of the instructions that have been given to you by the registrar. This court is not going to be held at ransom. You defy that order at your own peril,” Justice Wanjala again warned her.

But that did not deter Umar from addressing the court until Justice Ojwang’ authoritatively warned her that she had no choice but to obey the court order or face the consequences.

“You have no right to say what you are saying. Sit down… You have been given final orders, sit down and do not talk anymore. That is it!Capitalfm



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