(Video):Naivas Advert featuring David Owira the “Otonglo” Narrator

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First of all, you have to appreciate the value the media has added to this young man for highlighting his plight. Well, from being a poor young man who could not even afford his school fees, Daniel Owira is now one of the biggest names in the country. Just a few days after his performance at state house Mombasa, the form 2 student got a tour of the state house and the president offered to pay his school fees until he finishes university.

Now, Naivas, one of the leading supermarkets in the country has taken Daniel’s talent to the next level and gone commercial with it, they have made an advert that features him! Well this is bound to go viral considering the timing. Just at form 2, the boy is making what a lot of people struggle to get into – the heights your talent can take you.

According to a reliable source, Daniel made well over Kshs. 200,000 from this advert which is the usual professional actors rate in the country for such ads. Here is the video of the ad, feel free to share and leave a comment.




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