[VIDEO] Tuju wife’s lover bled to death after head injury-Autopsy Report

An autopsy has shown that the man accused of engaging in a lover affair with former Cabinet Minister Raphael Tuju’s wife died of internal bleeding from head injuries.

Lawyer Cliff Ombeta who spoke to journalists after the post-mortem at the City Mortuary says former GSU officer Tony Ogunda had a dent on his skull.

“Something like a blunt object was used to hit him behind the head, just slightly behind the ear,” Ombeta said and added that he had other visible injuries on the forehead.

“The injury to the head shows that the force was sufficient enough to cause internal bleeding; where he has bled into the brain such that the doctors have concluded that something that caused the death was a blunt object.”

The post-mortem conducted on Ogunda’s body by Government pathologists Peter Ndegwa and Johasen Oduor concluded that he died of internal bleeding to the brain.

Ombeta now wants police to question the man in whose house the deceased spent the night prior to his death.

According to the police, Ogunda had been with his friend Collins Okoth on a drinking spree Monday night before they went back to the house at about 2am.

Okoth said in his statement to the police that they went to the city centre for a while on Monday before walking downtown to Relax Pub on River Road where they had drinks until about 1.30am.

Ombeta wants Okoth to explain what happened to Ogunda’s mobile phone which has since gone missing.

“Okoth told the police that the late (Ogunda) slept on a sofa set, so he must tell us how my client got that dent because the sofa is very soft and could not have caused it,” said Ombeta.

The late Ogunda was found dead in a house within Nairobi’s Upper Hill on Tuesday morning.

George Okoth, who is Tony’s best friend, said that the deceased had intimated to him that he feared for his life.

“I talked with Tony last week where he told me that he feared for his life, like as if death was haunting him,” he said. “In fact Absai (Collins Okoth) was present on that day and we later went to Relax.”

Further samples were taken for toxicological testing.

Ombeta also dismissed reports that a container and a syringe were found beside his client’s body as “a cheap attempt by some people to divert attention from the investigations.”




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