[VIDEO] Tuju wife’s alleged lover found dead in Nairobi


A former General Service Unit police officer embroiled in a love triangle with former Cabinet Minister Raphael Tuju’s wife was on Tuesday morning found dead at a house in Nairobi’s Upper Hill area.

Police say Tony Ogunda’s body was found lying dead on a sofa at a friend’s house, located outside the Hope Foundation offices.

Lawyer Cliff Ombeta who is representing the deceased in a case where he is accused of trespassing Tuju’s private property told journalists that his client had been receiving death threats before he was discovered dead.

“My assistant actually tried to call him at about 9:20am but his phone went unanswered. I also tried to call him and it was only later that a friend of mine told me that Tony had been found dead,” he said.

Ombeta, who visited the scene on Tuesday morning, added that the timing of Ogunda’s death was suspicious and called for speedy investigations.

“What raised suspicion, for me, was that he was someone I had spoken to. He was very normal; he was very okay, he was in a sober state of mind and he was clear on the things we were talking about,” he argued.

The body was taken to the City Mortuary and an investigation into the cause of death launched.

Ogunda, who served as Tuju’s driver when he was Information Minister between 2003 and 2007, was arrested in May after being accused of trespassing the former Minister’s home in Upper Hill.

In his defence, Ogunda said that he was not trespassing as he had been invited by Tuju’s wife, Ruth Akinyi.

He was taken to Kilimani police station where he recorded a statement further claiming to have been assaulted by Tuju.

The ex GSU officer is a subject in the divorce case filed by Tuju against his wife.

“I called him most likely before 4pm. I had spoken to Tony about the investigation where he was alleging that he had been assaulted by Mr Tuju and whether the people he had alleged to have assaulted had been summoned and how far the case had gone,” explained Ombeta.




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