[VIDEO] Shocking moment thieves board bus and attempt to rob conductor caught on CCTV in Brazil

 Paying: Footage shows the men paying the conductor, before strolling out of sight - only to return seconds later

Paying: Footage shows the men paying the conductor, before strolling out of sight – only to return seconds later

This is the moment two robbers beat up a bus conductor – only for a crowd of vigilantes to break into the vehicle and mob them just minutes later.

The thugs were captured carrying out the brutal assault on a bus in Jaboatão dos Guararapes in Pernambuco, Brazil, yesterday.

They could be seen punching, kicking and throttling the conductor – before attempting to steal wads of cash from the till. 

However, they were stopped when vigilantes spotted what was going on, broke into the bus and mobbed them.

The shocking incident was caught on CCTV and later posted on LiveLeak and YouTube.Footage shows the young men walking on to the bus and paying, before strolling out of sight – only to return just seconds later.

The conductor then asks them to move down the bus – at which point, the pair turn on him and start punching, choking and shoving him around.  

The victim unsuccessfully attempts to protect himself using his hands and feet – but finally manages to escape out of a window as the bus comes to a halt.

Meanwhile, the robbers appear unsure as to whether to leave the stationary vehicle or not as they spot a large crowd of passersby waiting outside.

One of them cautiously waits at the door, but is forced out on to the street when another passenger flees the vehicle.

He can then be seen running away from the vehicle as several angry members of the public give chase.

Meanwhile, the other thug is captured cowering inside the bus, holding his hands behind his head, as the mass of vigilantes crash through the doors of the vehicle.

But despite his submissive gestures, the mob crowd on to the bus – before kicking, punching and shouting insults at the fallen robber.

The video ends with footage of the vigilantes dragging the thug on to the streets, before restraining him and waiting for the police to arrive.

It is not known whether anyone has been arrested following the incident.




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