[VIDEO] SERVE AND SUFFER: Unearthing shame of a Kenyan Police life


At the end of NTV Investigations spanning many months, the conclusion we came to is simple; policemen in Kenya serve but they also suffer. NTV’s Dennis Okari takes us down a path rarely walked to nearby and far flung police stations and police lines where lies the untold story of the agony of being a policeman in Kenya.

And from the supposedly prestigious presidential guard to the regular men and women in blue walking the street, theirs is a life of shared tribulations, a life confined to the sidelines of the national agenda yet a life for which perfect results are demanded by the VIP and by the regular man on the street. Here now, serve and suffer produced and narrated by Dennis Okari of NTV investigates.

SERVE AND SUFFER: Unearthing shame of Police life – part 2/2



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