Regalise Marijuana, Rastafarians from Nyeri county Demand

Nyeri bangA   GROUP of about 20 Rastafarians from Nyeri county have called on the   government to legalise marijuana locally known as bhang saying that it   is a holy herb and not a drug.

The young men smoked marijuana publicly near Nyeri town along River Chania today as they aired their views to the press.

They   argued that many developing countries have legalized the use of bhang   and said Kenya through the National Authority for Campaign against   Alcohol and Drug Abuse (Nacada) should follow suit.

The dreadlocked youth claimed that the Bible has also okayed the use of natural plants  including bhang.

One   of the rastafarians  John Wanjohi 29 said he has been smoking   marijuana, also known as ‘Ganja’ since he was 10 years old and is still   healthy.

Alex Ngatia alias Ras Lion claimed that bhang can heal psychological trauma, cancer and many other diseases. They said they don’t fear police or being taken to a court of law.

The   group said  they earn a living through art, music and farming. They   also said they have set apart Saturdays as a day of worship in a local   forest where they smoke bhang as they pray stating that it is their   “spiritual food”

The   men had earlier attended a court session in Nyeri town where one of   their members has been charged with growing and smoking the substance.   of their own had been charged for smoking and growing bhang.




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