[VIDEO] Oltepesi, Kenya :Where Donkeys go on vacation, trekking for over a 100 kilometers

The right to an occasional break from work is a time-honoured employment ritual that is guaranteed in labour laws. The logic in granting workers leave is simply that both the employer and the employee stand to benefit from a less-stressed and rejuvenated worker. But, apparently, taking leave from work is not unique to humans … donkeys too… at least those from Kajiado county…have been going on leave for donkey years. The interesting thing as Brenda Cheruiyot found out, is that the donkeys don’t just stop working while on leave…they literally go on vacation, trekking for over a 100 kilometers to Oltepesi, where they gather to engage in typical holiday indulgences of resting, eating and mating before tracing their way back to their work stations all by themselves


Via CitizenTV

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