[VIDEO] Nonini’s Car Busted On Citizen TV’s ‘Road Hog’ Segment Driving Recklessly

noniniOn the October 6th episode of Citizen TV’s Road Hog, singer Nonini’s car was caught on video overlapping other cars on the streets of Nairobi.

Mgenge Nonini Refutes Claims That He Was Driving Recklessly

Mgenge Nonini has refuted claims that he was driving the car busted yesterday on Citizen TV prime time news in their name and shame traffic offenders segment dubbed ‘Road Hog’.

One of the cars busted yesterday breaking traffic rules was Nonini’s but it was unclear whether he was the one driving the car in question at the time of the bust.

According to sources, Nonini refuted the claims that he was the one driving saying that he had entrusted his mechanic to drive it to the garage. He allegedly even went ahead to explain that with his busy schedule, he barely has time on his hands to take it to the garage himself.

View the video belo starting at 1:34



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