[VIDEO] Nightwalkers: Kids struggle to see during the day but enjoy strong vision at night in Baringo

Night Walkers

The gift of sight is one some may have taken for granted but for a family in Baringo County, they are thankful that their young ones at least enjoy the partial sight they have been forced to live with. Monica Litei is struggling to bring up her children through these difficult times, a challenge further compounded by the fact that her two young ones, Dennis and Diana struggle to see during the day but enjoy fairly strong vision at night. The two children suffer from a unique condition where they lose most of their sense of sight during the day only for the same to return at night. Willis Raburu sheds some light on this condition in the first part of a two part series: the “night walkers”

 Day Walkers

They lose their eyesight once darkness sets in
Now yesterday we brought you the story on the plight of two children in a family in Baringo who suffer from a unique condition whereby they can only see properly at night, but during the day they lose most of their sense of sight. Tonight in the second and final part of our special series from Baringo county, Willis Raburu brings us the story of a family who suffer from the converse of the Litei family children’s condition. It is a family of 11 people and 6 of them lose their sense of sight once the clock strikes 6pm and darkness sets in, so what exactly are these two conditions and just how do the families cope with the same? Here is Willis Raburu’s daywalkers.




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