[VIDEO] Mortuary worker in Ghana admits on TV that he had sex with corpses because it was part of his training ‘so he wouldn’t be afraid of dead bodies’

A mortuary worker in Ghana has admitted on live TV to having sex with corpses, claiming his superiors told him to.

In the sickening video, Sharkur Lucas claims to have worked in a morgue at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in the capital Accra where he says he had sex with the bodies of dead women.

He alleges he was told to indulge in necrophilia by his bosses so he ‘wouldn’t be afraid’

The baffled host of the show puts it to Lucas: ‘Sleeping with a corpse can mean, in one breath, sleeping [next to] them but in another it can mean having sex with them.

‘Which of them [do you mean]?’

Lucas replies he meant having sex, adding: ‘When you first study for a mortuary job they ask you to do most of those things.

‘I had to sleep with a dead body because through that I won’t be afraid. ‘Once you do that you won’t be afraid again.’

He revealed his ‘morbid’ job put living women off, so he turned to having sex with dead ones instead.

‘I wanted to marry but the girls say I am a mortuary man,’ he told a second television station Adom TV.

‘I can satisfy myself [at the mortuary] because girls don’t want to [date] me outside.’

Lucas has been sacked by his employers and claims he is being hunted by police.




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